Andrew Crimer

pro startup marketer

novel reader

web designer


About Me

Hi! I'm Andrew. I currently do marketing for Gust. Primarily I create, edit, and publish content to help startup founders avoid common mistakes and get the most out of our startup incorporation and operations platform, Gust Launch. Previously, I worked for Brownstoner and Kindling—but I also do freelance web work, play guitar and bass, and read. I'm into good fiction, bad movies, and any pizza. Be sure to check out my résumé to get the whole story.

Life Story (Abridged)

I'm from a little town called Sterling, Massachusetts, population roughly 7000, where the cider donuts are sick but there's nothing to do except talk about little lambs who follow their owners to school. But it's really nice, especially in the fall.

To learn how to read and stuff, I studied English and film studies at Connecticut College, where I also started playing in a bunch of bands. Following college I moved to Boston, then Somerville, then Manhattan, then Brooklyn, and I've worked as a marketer and freelancer ever since.


I'm down to work on anything as long as it's cool. As a freelancer I've worked on websites, logos, films, ghostwritten columns for tech blogs, and more. "Real" work has stayed close to marketing and PR, but that's included everything from copywriting and social media management to extensive involvement in email automation, SEO, SEM, project management, strategy, branding, design, video production, and website administration. If I don't know how to do something and I want to, I generally just go learn.

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